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You’ve tried it on pretzels but have you tried it off the menu …?

We have been selling Nunda Mustard in the glass 10 ounce size at festivals and in stores for 13 years, but rarely make mention of all the Local Resturants that purchase it by the Gallon for use in their menu items. Soon there will be a page dedicated to  places you can go that serve or incorporate  Nunda Mustard in their menu.

To name a few…

  •  Open Face       Rochester,NY
  • NY Wine & Culinary Center     Canandaigua, NY
  • Jack’s Place      Dansville, NY
  • Black Eyed Susan    Angelica, NY
  • Artisian Coffee House     Scottsville, NY  
  • Ciraulo’s Deli   Dalton, NY
  •  Nunda Shurfine Deli   Nunda, NY
  • CaledoniaVillage Inn  Caledonia, NY
  • Polish Princess’ at the Wind Mill